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  • Personalized Health Coaching

    Develop lasting strategies for achieving wellness.

  • Pantry Makeovers

    Get rid of the processed foods once and for all.

  • Gluten­-Free Coaching

    Transition to a gluten-free lifestyle with ease.

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  • Mariano’s Market is Gluten-Free and Organic-friendly!

    Mariano’s Market is Gluten-Free and Organic-friendly!

    Large mainstream grocery stores can be overwhelming to those of us who need to shop for allgery-friendly products like gluten-free or dairy-free foods. And, if you’re focused on sticking to…

  • My Top Picks for Packaged Foods

    My Top Picks for Packaged Foods

    I recommend filling your cart with whole and fresh foods. Still, we all know it’s difficult to avoid packaged foods at the grocery store – they make our lives easier!…

  • Keep your spring break gluten-free

    Keep your spring break gluten-free

    If you’re gluten-free then you know how stressful traveling can be. On a recent trip to Yellowstone with my husband’s family, I found myself with few options as we picked…

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From My Clients

  • "I sought Joy out because I wanted to improve my own health and help my family get back on track with healthier foods. I’m thrilled to report that since our Pantry Makeover, positive things are happening! We’re eating more whole foods every day and have replaced many of our staple packaged foods with less processed versions, thanks to the recommendations provided by Joy in our “Kitchen Report.”

    Heather, Chicago

  • "Before working with Joy my family was in a slump eating the same processed foods for every meal. During our health consultation interview she gathered information about all the members of our family to create a detailed recipe library just for us! Since working with Joy the entire family is drinking green smoothies and eating a greater variety of healthy non-processed foods! We couldn't be happier with the results, support and encouragement on our journey to a healthier lifestyle. Joy is fantastic and we highly recommend her services for all families!"

    Holly, Chicago

  • "When I was diagnosed with a gluten allergy, my life instantaneously became a lot more complicated. As a vegetarian for 8 years, I didn't know how to begin transitioning to gluten free eating. All I knew was that I didn't know what I was going to eat, I'd have to clean out about 80% of my pantry, and I'd have to go grocery shopping. I was so glad to find Joy to Wellness! Joy was able to review my pantry and my typical meals and make alternate suggestions so that I didn't feel deprived at home..."

    Kathleen, New York