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From My Clients

  • I took advantage of the post Valentine's Day sugar cleanse and couldn't be happier with the experience. It's now been about 3 weeks since the cleanse, and I'm still mostly sugar-free! Joy is extremely knowledgeable, responsive, and an overall pleasure to work with. What I liked most is that Joy empowered me to make the changes for myself. Because of this, I feel as though the positive changes that I made will be for the long haul. AND, I truly got the feeling that she cared and was rooting for me along the way. Thanks so much, Joy!

    Oscar, Chicago

  • Joy - I hope you know that you changed my life! Before starting your program, I did little in terms of supporting my health. Working with you is what enabled me to take steps to prioritize healthy behaviors, and now I’m cooking at home, grocery shopping on a regular basis, snacking on fresh vegetables and drinking a lot more water. I’ve gained energy and mental clarity, and I’m much more aware of how unhealthy foods make me feel. Feeling good is addictive! Thank you for your encouragement and support.

    Colin, Chicago

  • My husband and I decided to contact Joy when our son started a gluten and dairy free diet. Our priority was to take nutrition into our control and feed our family healthy, whole foods. Since we were new to a gluten/dairy free diet, we were also looking for more options for family dinners and the kids' lunches, so we had Joy build us a customized recipe library to expand our list of recipes and to learn more about resources available to families with special dietary restrictions. We were happy with the result! Our biggest gain? Learning more about how to use foods to benefit our health. We'd definitely recommend Joy to other families and have already done so.

    Amanda, Indianapolis