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Why does my health matter?

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When it comes to your wellness, ask yourself this question:

 “Why does my health matter?” 


It’s an important question to ask yourself. Without the answer, you’re likely to get stuck in your quest to be healthier. Why? Because action is driven by purpose, so healthy changes will only become habits if you know why they matter. And if we only make better choices based on insignificant reasons – like getting into a pair of jeans or impressing an ex – we’ll continue to make choices based on others, instead of what’s really important.

If you’re not sure why your health matters, see if any of these statements make sense for your life:

“If I ate more green vegetables, I would have more energy to play outside with my kids.”
“Drinking less caffeine each day would leave me less anxious and more productive at my job.”
“If I could eliminate my symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, I would enjoy dates with my husband more.”
“Making healthy decisions now would mean more time with my kids in the future.”
“If I brought home healthier foods for my family, I would be setting my children up for a lifetime of healthy eating habits”

Your health matters because your LIFE matters. A healthy you means so much more than losing weight or looking good in your bathing suit. When you are healthy, life is simply better.

Now ask yourself the question again. “Why does my health matter?”  

Next Step – write down your answer and revisit it daily. You can even carry it with your to remind yourself to make better choices each day. What could this do for you? Perhaps it will mean less sugar-filled coffee and more water… a big green salad instead of a plate of fries…less couch time and more activity…the opportunities are endless!

Want to know why your health matters? Contact me to schedule an introductory health coaching session. We’ll explore this question and identify your goals for a healthier you.