I took advantage of the post Valentine’s Day sugar cleanse and couldn’t be happier with the experience.  It’s now been about 3 weeks since the cleanse, and I’m still mostly sugar-free!  Joy is extremely knowledgeable, responsive, and an overall pleasure to work with.  What I liked most is that Joy empowered me to make the changes for myself.   Because of this, I feel as though the positive changes that I made will be for the long haul.  AND, I truly got the feeling that she cared and was rooting for me along the way.  Thanks so much, Joy!”

Oscar, Chicago


Joy – I hope you know that you changed my life! Before starting your program, I did little in terms of supporting my health. Working with you is what enabled me to take steps to prioritize healthy behaviors, and now I’m cooking at home, grocery shopping on a regular basis, snacking on fresh vegetables and drinking a lot more water. I’ve gained energy and mental clarity, and I’m much more aware of how unhealthy foods make me feel. Feeling good is addictive! Thank you for your encouragement and support.”

Colin, Chicago


My husband and I decided to contact Joy when our son started a gluten and dairy free diet. Our priority was to take nutrition into our control and feed our family healthy, whole foods. Since we were new to a gluten/dairy free diet, we were also looking for more options for family dinners and the kids’ lunches, so we had Joy build us a customized recipe library to expand our list of recipes and to learn more about resources available to families with special dietary restrictions. We were happy with the result! Our biggest gain? Learning more about how to use foods to benefit our health. We’d definitely recommend Joy to other families and have already done so.”

Amanda, Indianapolis


I scheduled a pantry makeover with Joy to become more informed about what I’m feeding my family. I’m definitely happy with the process.  It’s helpful to have a thorough, documented report to reference time and time again. What I’m most excited about is having some family-friendly recipes and suggestions of how to “upgrade” some of our packaged foods into healthier options.  Most pleasing has been that our 1 year-old daughter LOVES the homemade veggie burger recipe Joy provided, which is a great way for me to sneak in some protein and vegetables to her diet.  And after giving me much grief for making too many changes in our kitchen, my husband was pleasantly surprised to find he liked our pancake mix Joy recommended much better than his old standby of Bisquick!”

Sarah, Indianapolis

Joy came to my home and presented her “Mom’s Wellness Workshop” to me and a group of mom friends. The session was definitely worth our time! We learned about healthier food alternatives for our go-to staples, where sugar hides and ingredient label reading. The format was great too – she guided us through exercises that allowed us to discover what our health and wellness goals are and what could be holding us back from putting healthier habits into practice.


It’s not to easy keep a group of chatty girls on track, but Joy did a great job, allowing enough time for conversation but also educating us and answering our questions. I’d recommend her workshop to other groups of moms.”

Laura, Chicago

My family’s pantry makeover with Joy was much more of an educational process than I ever expected it would be, especially when it comes to reading food labels. I learned about good ingredients and bad ingredients, and now feel empowered to pick out foods that contain less “stuff” and are free of unnecessary fillers like preservatives, artificial colors, or added sweeteners. I’m feeling good about what I bring home from the grocery store for my family. We still enjoy our favorite staples like bread, granola bars and cheese, but thanks to Joy, the brands I now choose are healthier options that still taste great, which is a win-win for my family. I would highly recommend Joy’s Pantry makeover to other moms who are looking for a way to get started on making better choices for their family’s diet.”

Jennifer, Indianapolis

I sought Joy out because I wanted to improve my own health and help my family get back on track with healthier foods. I’m thrilled to report that since our Pantry Makeover, positive things are happening! Her Pantry Makeover not only kick-started better habits for my family, but also inspired us all to really think about what “healthy” food is. We’re eating more whole foods every day and have replaced many of our staple packaged foods with less processed versions, thanks to the recommendations provided by Joy in our “Kitchen Report.” My kids have even become more aware of what REAL food is, pointing out when a packaged item has too many added ingredients. And I’m personally feeling more motivated than ever to eat foods that simply make me feel good.


Joy is passionate about her work, and as my health coach she provides continuous encouragement and support. I will definitely recommend her to others (and already have!)”

Heather, Chicago

Before working with Joy my family was in a slump eating the same processed foods for every meal. During our health consultation interview she gathered information about all the members of our family to create a detailed recipe library just for us! Since working with Joy the entire family is drinking green smoothies and eating a greater variety of healthy non-processed foods! We couldn’t be happier with the results, support and encouragement on our journey to a healthier lifestyle. Joy is fantastic and we highly recommend her services for all families!”

Holly, Chicago

When I was diagnosed with a gluten allergy, my life instantaneously became a lot more complicated. As a vegetarian for 8 years, I didn’t know how to begin transitioning to gluten free eating. All I knew was that I didn’t know what I was going to eat, I’d have to clean out about 80% of my pantry, and I’d have to go grocery shopping. I was so glad to find Joy to Wellness! Joy was able to review my pantry and my typical meals and make alternate suggestions so that I didn’t feel deprived at home. She even did the grocery shopping for me and showed me what new items would be best to incorporate. I switched to a GF life without much stress thanks to Joy. She was, well, a joy to work with too!”

Kathleen, San Francisco

Before I started working with Joy I was recently diagnosed celiac and completely overwhelmed with transitioning into the gluten-free lifestyle. Not only has Joy provided the practical resources and personal insight to get my gluten-free diet on track, but she was a priceless source of support through a very challenging time for me and managed to keep me on track physically, nutritionally and emotionally. Six months into her program, I am fitter than I’ve been in years, happier, healthier and completely gluten-free!”

Kate, Detroit

I cannot say enough great things about my wellness consultation with Joy. For starters, the health history survey she had me fill out allowed me to thoroughly examine my health related goals and the possible issues that were keeping me from achieving them. Joy was a very supportive listener and asked questions during our session that further deepened my analysis. I highly recommend seeking out her services. She has a true passion for empowering people to achieve their best mind and body.”

Katherine, Kansas City