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Three tips for mindful eating this Thanksgiving

Three tips for mindful eating this Thanksgiving

There’s no way to avoid food on Thanksgiving, but we can avoid overeating it! Try these tips to help you slow down and eat more mindfully on Turkey Day.

#1: Stay hydrated
Drink water throughout the day. You’ll feel less hungry when meal time comes, and you’ll automatically redirect some of your attention away from the food and onto a healthy behavior. Plus, even though you’ll still indulge in stuffing and pie, your body will benefit from this healthy decision all day long.

#2: Leave room for dessert
It’s unlikely you’ll skip dessert on Thanksgiving, so do your body a (healthy!) favor by leaving room for it in your belly! Eating when you’re too full does nothing positive for your health, so pace yourself at dinner so that you can enjoy every bite at dessert.

#3: Give Thanks!
This holiday is about giving thanks, so rather than taking the day for granted, take a pause and think about all you have to be thankful for, including your health. Something else to give thanks for? Your food! A moment of thanks before your first bite will help you slow you down during meal time and appreciate your meal.

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