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Easy substitutes for your Gluten-Free Thanksgiving

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It’s that time of year again – menu planning at my house is in full force and I’m excited for another gluten-free Thanksgiving. Though the sound of a gluten-free turkey or side dishes may initially leave your guests feeling turned-off, they can rest assured that a gluten-free Turkey-Day won’t mean any less taste on your dinner table, nor will it keep you from serving a classic Thanksgiving feast! It will require some planning on the host’s part, but what Thanksgiving menu doesn’t?

This year, make these items your gluten-free staples to replace  the “regular” versions:

  1. A FRESH Turkey. Avoid turkeys that have broth or stuffing already added. These ingredients are red flags for gluten.
  2. Gluten-Free Gravy. Make your own using the juices from your bird and adding corn or potato starch as a thickener instead of wheat flour.
  3. Gluten-Free Corn Bread. Make a batch of Bob’s Redmill GF cornbread instead of dinner rolls.
  4. Gluten-Free Stuffing. Check out Udi’s recipe!
  5. Gluten-Free Pie Crust. You can make your own or buy it already made. Whole Foods has it in their freezer section and I highly recommend it…very tasty!