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New staples for your gluten-free pantry

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When you’re first attempting a gluten-free lifestyle, the process of clearing out foods that contain gluten can feel like an overwhelming endeavor. But with a little time and organization, it’s much easier than it sounds. And once you get your kitchen in order, it’s a breeze from there.

The first step is to consider the foods you eat regularly and how to replace them with equally tasty gluten-free options – these will become your new (and improved) staples.  Some of these foods might include cereal, bread, wheat pasta and couscous. Here’s a list of replacements that you can find at any grocery store near you.

 Gluten Free Staple Foods

Remember: Gluten is found in wheat, rye and barley and their derivatives. Gluten is a common ingredient in many packaged foods, even those that you would never expect to contain it, so be sure to ALWAYS read food labels. And if you have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease or a Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity, it’s always safe to live by this motto — IF IN DOUBT, GO WITHOUT.