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My top healthy holiday tip

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It’s easy to enter the holiday season with the anticipation that you will overeat or give into the temptations of holiday treats. This can leave you feeling down on yourself before the holidays even begin.

But why not face the holidays a little differently this year? Don’t focus on what you won’t do right…instead commit to just one healthy habit this year — CROWDING OUT.

What is crowding out?  Consider it YOUR NEW STRATEGY for making sure you feed your body the good foods it needs this season, even when you over do it on the holiday goodies. It goes like this: COVER your plate with whole foods – fresh greens, vegetables, fruits, etc. –  at every meal. This will ensure that the majority of what you put in your body is good for you. Then if you happen to add a holiday cookie or two, you’ll still know at least the most of what you put in your mouth was good for you.

Grabbing lunch at the nearby food court with coworkers? Opt for the salad bar and fill your to-go-container with 80% greens and other fresh vegetables (think COLOR!).  Making a smoothie at breakfast? Add two LARGE handful of greens to the blender. Grocery shopping for dinner? Opt for TWO vegetable sides instead of starchy options like white rice or mashed potatoes.

Give it shot and see how you feel! My guess is that crowding out will empower you to eat more of the good and leave you feeling less guilty about the extra treats you sneak this holiday season.