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3 Easy Habits for Better Health

3 Easy Habits for Better Health
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When it comes to our health, forming new habits is key. Yet in the daily grind of work and family, committing to new healthy behaviors can be tough. These 3 habits are EASY and won’t bog you down with extra to-do’s in your busy life.

Habit #1: Chew your food

Did you know that digestion begins in your mouth? Chewing activates enzymes in your saliva, starting the food break-down process that is key to proper nutrient absorption and digestion. Try chewing each mouthful of food more slowly. To help, make sure you aren’t distracted at meal time. Also – finish each mouthful of food before you take your next bite.

Habit #2: Be open to new foods

Do you find yourself bringing home the same foods from the grocery store every week? The less open you are to trying new foods, the less likely you are to give your body a range of healthy foods!  Why not try something new food this week? Trade in the romaine for spinach…or tilapia for salmon.  There’s a world of foods waiting out there for you, so have fun and treat each meal as an adventure. As you bring home new choices, you’ll gain confidence to try even more new foods as time goes on.

Habit #3: Go with your gut

Achieving your ideal wellness is not about restrictions or calorie-counting. It’s about LISTENING TO YOUR BODY and that includes your GUT. If you eat a food and it repeatedly causes you an upset stomach, your body is trying to tell you something! (Consider yourself lucky to have received the message!). Maybe you are intolerant of that particular food, or perhaps your diet lacks foods that are good for your gut.

Get the support you need to keep yourself accountable for healthy habits.