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Avoid holiday weight gain with these five simple tips

Avoid holiday weight gain with these five simple tips
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Peppermint lattes, cookie exchanges, office holiday parties …let’s face it – the holidays are filled with bad for you food temptations and at any moment we can find ourselves sabotaging our healthy weight by giving in. With the holidays season well underway, take a moment NOW to prioritize your health so that you’ll feel great in the new year. You can start by following these 5 easy tips:

Tip #1 — Crowd Out: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again — crowd out all foods on your plate with green vegetables. Rather than depriving yourself of the treats, just make less room for them by filling three-fourths of your plate with the good stuff.

Tip #2 — Workout while on Christmas vacation: That’s right…it’s VACATION, which means YOU HAVE THE TIME. Take advantage of the time off (and the house full of relatives who can watch the kids) and take some time FOR YOU.

Tip # 3 — Get ahead of the guilt. We generally expect to feel bad about ourselves after the holiday season. We eat and drink like there is no tomorrow, and then comes January 1st and we feel lousy. How about avoiding the guilt this year? Write down 2-3 healthy habits you’ll stick to from now through the December 31st and make the holidays about feeling happy and healthy (and not guilty!)

Tip #4 — Stick to your routine. Unless you’re at a holiday party, it should be business as usual. Don’t use the entire holiday season as an excuse to engage in bad habits like eating 6 holiday cookies after dinner or drinking holiday cocktails on a weeknight.

Tip #5 — Reconsider the holiday espresso drinks. You know the drinks I’m talking about – they come in every variety -from pumpkin spice to gingerbread to peppermint – and they certainly taste good. But given all of the holiday treats that will come your way this season, why not just stick to a small black coffee or tea on the way to the office? Your body will thank you when it’s NOT crashing from the morning sugar surge.